PSF Liban’s mission

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    PSF Liban has one main mission : to reduce the impact of events and disasters on vulnerable communities and environments, in consistency with the World Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy, knowing that the ultimate goal is that PSF is no longer needed.

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    PSF Liban will take action in 3 different and complementary ways :

    • Emergency Response (through the Unité d’Intervention d’Urgence)
    • Recovery
    • Development (crisis prevention & management, disaster risk reduction )

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    PSF’s main actions in Lebanon:

    • 2015 : Tibnine (South Lebanon)
    • 2016 : Jezzine (South Lebanon)
    • 2016 : Beirut (Central Lebanon)
    • 2018 - 2019 : Keserwan - Ftouh (Central Lebanon)

The Team

  • founders

    Serge Montesinos

    Founder & Director
    PSF France

    Nassib Nasr

    General Manager
    APAVE Middle-East

    Antoine Hatem

    Attorney at Law

    Rachid Moubarak

    Managing Director of l’Afnor

    Dr George Mitri

    Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences and expert on wildfire risk management
  • Technical Team

    Cassandre Lafont

    Project Manager
  • Honorary members

  • Volunteers



MOUNT LEBANON: this mountain, crossing the country from north to south, home of rains and persecuted minorities for centuries, gave its name to Lebanon.

ECONOMICAL: one of the main influences of neighboor countries (Israel, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Saudi Arabia etc.) on Lebanon. They are also political, military, cultural, religious.

BEIRUT: cosmopolitan capital of the country, highly impacted by the civil war that took place between 1975 and 1990. Nowadays, it is the political and economical center of Lebanon. And cultural ? Not so sure, with the competition of Byblos, Baalbeck and Beiteddine.

ARABIC OR PHOENECIAN? Both my captain ! But Lebanese today are more keen to claim to be of phenician origins.

NON-EXISTANT OR ALMOST NON-EXISTANT, is the attention given to the disaster risk reduction strategy in Lebanon. This means plenty of potential for PSF !

Key Figures

  • 1
    iconic tree :
    the cedar
  • 2
    it’s the number of mountains crossing the country : Mount Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon, border with Syria.
  • 15
  • 26
  • 270
    it’s the length (in km) of Lebanon, from North to South.
  • 3088
    it’s the altitude (in m) of the peak of the country, Qornet El Sauda.
    it’s an estimation of the Lebanese population in the country (and between 14 to 20, is the estimation of the Lebanese population outside the country).
    it’s the number of trees that the Ministry of Environment is planning to plant in the whole country.

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